The objective of this society is to promote usage, awareness and share knowledge on ECP therapeutic treatment for the health benefit of its members. ECP (External Counter-Pulsation) is a safe, non-expensive, non-invasive and effective alternative approach to treating coronary heart disease, stroke and most other circulatory disorders.

Aims and Objectives:

The objective of this society is to promote usage, awareness and share knowledge on ECP ( External Counter Pulsation) therapeutic treatment for the Health benefit of its members and public. ECP therapy is a safe , non expensive , non invasive and effective alterantive approach to treating Coronary Heart disease., stroke and most other circulatory disorders. ECPT is US-FDA approved and Malaysian Ministry of Health has classified it as the medical equipment for :

  1. Acute Myocardial Infarct.
  2. Angina Pectoris stable
  3. Angina Pectoris Unstable.
  4. Cardiogenic shock.
  5. Congestive heart failure.

It can save thousands of lives and billion dollars of the country.

Members are :

1.To organize and promote awareness of ECPT to the nearest akins and friends
2. To organize and support to open many ECP centres in Malaysia.
3. To approach to the Ministry of health to get recognition and get guidelines for training to the qualified Medical Practitioners , Nurses and Medical assistants.
4. To hold talks and seminars on ECPT.


1.Ordinary membership is open to all Malaysian citizens, Permanent Residents and foreigners. who are above 21 years of age and who are willingly and conscientiously declare in their application form that they shall use their best efforts to promote and accomplish the aims and objectives of the Society.
2.President must always be a registered Medical Practitioner of Malaysia.
3.The Executive Committee members must be of Malaysian Citizens and if deemed necessary a Permanent resident who is expert in ECP therapy may be appointed as a committee member if decided by the Executive Council and if approved by the ROS.
4.Life Membership is open to all Ordinary Members who pay a one time subscription that is RM500.