Is EECP more effective than ECP Therapy?

Is EECP more effective than ECP Therapy?

There is some speculation that because Vasomedical sponsored more clinical studies that their equipment is more effective than other ECP systems in the market.

The short answer to that is “NO” because the patient outcomes are more based on the physiology of each patient and how efficiently the treatment is administered to each patient than the actual model device treating the patient.

The real factors are the amount of pressure delivered to each patient and the inflation and deflation timing delivered to the patient over the 35 hours treatment session.

These variables are far more significant to patient outcomes than what model system is used.

Nobody can dispute the fact that there is a direct correlation between pressure delivered, and blood flow.

With that being said, it doesn’t matter what device is used, no patient will benefit unless pressure (squeeze) is delivered to increase (or augment) the diastolic blood flow over the treatment period.

Some ECP companies actually argue that their ‘ECP’ technology is more efficient that ‘EECP’ because their user-interface provides empirical data (minute by minute) that more helpful to the technician for optimizing treatment variables such as pressure & inflation / deflation timing.

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