Difference Between ECP and EECP

What is the Difference Between ECP and EECP?

Although the term EECP is a slight variation of the acronym ECP, there is no difference in the actual process or potential outcomes between EECP and ECP.

Both employ the exact same in the process in that it consists of a series of cuff securely wrapped around the calves, thighs and the buttocks which inflate in a systematic sequential order starting at the ankles (calves) then the thighs, and lastly the buttocks squeezing the vascular tissue mechanically delivering blood back to the heart.

Both ECP Therapy and EECP Therapy are FDA approved and covered by Medicare and private insurance in the United States.

EECP and ECP are equally effective in terms of patient outcomes as virtually every clinician knows that counterpulsation is NOT complicated technology.

In fact, this technology has been around since the 1960’s in the U.S with the advent of inter-aortic balloon pumps.

Inflating/deflating pressures gated (timed) on the patient’s ECG waveform cannot be so complicated that another device doing the exact same thing would not generate the same results.

Many physicians found it insulting to complicate such simple physics.

Now that we have demonstrated that both ECP or EECP are the same exact process, we can now conclude that both the same clinical benefits when delivered to the appropriate patient candidate.

ECP and EECP have been proven in over 150 clinical trials to be a safe and effective treatment procedure with a success rate of more than 80% Patients that complete the 35 day rehabilitation period will see a drastic improvement in energy, exercise tolerance, cardiac function, mobility and improvement in overall quality of life.

This treatment is a rehabilitation supplement for intense exercise without any risk or stress to the body!

Patients with symptoms of Chest Pain will see their symptoms relieved or often eliminating the need for nitrates and other medications for CAD.

EECP versus ECP

EECP® versus ECP Therapy has been an ongoing discussion and topic of debate put forth by some in the industry.

Despite what some may say, External Counterpulsation Therapy(ECP Therapy) is the official term used to describe the modality of External Counterpulsation Therapy.

Although EECP is also a common term, EECP is just a trademarked term used by Vasomedical (1 of several companies) to differentiate their version of ECP therapy from others in the industry.

EECP® is the trademarked acronym used by Vasomedical Inc to describe “Enhanced” External Counterpulsation Therapy”.

The use of a trademark is a common strategy in an emerging market for purposes of distinguishing a particular brand or product from others in the marketplace.

Further, trademarking will often discourage others from entering the specific market due to market competition and confusion.

In the case of the External Counterpulsation industry, Vasomedical employed this exact strategy when they coined the term “Enhanced” External Counterpulsation therapy or “EECP®” to distinguish their brand as well as minimize the competition in the industry.

Although some still intentionally mislead the truth about the trademark strategy, the two terms “EECP” and “ECP” are really ‘one and the same’ when referring to the concept & function of External Counterpulsation Therapy.

In the U.S., you can refer to the National Coverage Determination (NCD) for ECP Therapy on the U.S. government website (U.S Department of Health & Human Services ) to see that they reference External Counterpulsation Therapy as “ECP Therapy” and not “EECP Therapy”.

You may also view the CMS language explaining the process of how Medicare changed the official name from EECP to ECP Therapy (reference page 3).

Is there any Functional difference between EECP and ECP Therapy?

Some still promote the ideal that EECP and ECP Therapy are two different treatments.

This is blatantly false. “EECP” is “Enhanced” by name only (trademark) and yet still argue that “EECP” devices are the ONLY units on the market that function in the same format as the trademarked ‘EECP’ devices.

By ‘function’ they are referring to method of pneumatic inflation of (air) cuffs in a sequential order (calf, thigh, buttocks).

The governing regulatory institution in the U.S. (FDA) would not grant FDA market clearance on any device unless if met the safety and performance standards put forth by other devices that utilize that same sequential pneumatic inflation methodology

EECP is often the common term to describe the procedure of External Counterpulsation Therapy because the trademark holder (Vasomedical or members within) published a large percentage (>90%) of the published clinical literature that is in circulation used to demonstrate the clinical efficacy of External Counterpulsation Therapy.

With that being said, it is common that some will reference ‘EECP’ to describe the treatment of External Counterpulsation Therapy and not for identifying a brand or a trademark holder.

Despite the misleading rumors in the industry, it is very important to point out that Vasomedical (“EECP”) was indeed the pioneer of External Counterpulsation Therapy (EECP Therapy) worldwide.

Vasomedical is the company that deserves all of the credit for paving the way for External Counterpulsation Therapy as we know it today.

Vasomedical is responsible for making ECP and EECP™ Therapy a viable treatment option for patients with Angina, Congestive Heart Failure and other medical conditions.